Thursday, May 24, 2012

100 days....

We hit the 100 day mark in the countdown to the football season two days ago, but today marks 100 days until the first Saturday of the college football season!

(102 days for Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech fans, though.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why I support a "conference champions only" playoff approach right now.

The BCS has established there will be a four team playoff of some sort coming soon.  One idea out there is that they will take the four highest ranked conference champions.  Of course, there is the argument from the other side about wanting the four best teams, period.

But this is where, as fans, we also need to realize that there is a difference between "champions" and the "best team". Were the Giants really the best NFL team in 2011? Of course not, but they won the Super Bowl, so they are champions.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thoughts on realignment and postseason

I'm holding off on any victory celebration about college football playoffs until an actual plan is adopted.  So far, all we've gotten is "we'll do it if we find a plan we like."

Instead, I'm following more realignment talk. I've been thinking about Boise State's move to the Big East and how it will affect their recruiting.  Sure, they might have a better chance at getting to a bigger bowl game.  The strength of that conference schedule though is a mess.  And then let's say there is a kid who is being recruited by one of the Pac-12 schools in Washington or Oregon as well as Boise State.  If they go to the Pac-12 school, the longest trip they'll have to make for a conference game is to Arizona.  For Boise State, they'll be all over the place, and all the way out to Florida.  Perhaps a potential player doesn't want to spend all of that time on a plane across the country.  Perhaps he would like to study, practice more, or party.