Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Championship Game "What If": Wrapping it Up with the Big 12

This series started at the end of February when the ACC announced its plan to hold its champioship game in Charlotte through the end of this decade.  Well, 7 weeks and a Big Ten Primetime TV times announcement later, I've managed to get to the last of the 5 "Power Conferences" and see how championship game history might have been different with a change in venue.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Championship Game "What If": the SEC

After some time away from the computer, it's about time I wrap up this "What if" series on Conference Championships.  With two more power conferences to go, I'll go ahead and move on to the conference that started it all: the SEC (first one in 1992, and still going strong).

The SEC employed the "neutral site" approach, so this hypothetical will see what might have happened if the championship game were held at the home of the team with the better conference record.