Thursday, May 29, 2014

NCAA Online: 5/29/14

Teel Time: ACC Divisions, easy change

Since the ACC is staying at 8 conference games, something needs to be done with the divisions to make the league more exciting.  David Teel of the Daily Press has a simple idea to enhance ACC football.  Swap Georgia Tech and Louisville, then pair up Clemson with VT and BC with UVA for cross divisional games.

Sure, we lose the annual VT/GT Coastal collision, but that matchup is losing its luster the longer GT keeps Paul Johnson as coach.

And if the ACC insists that Florida State and Clemson are still their two best teams, this divisional lineup would enforce that belief, as long as the two schools can win their divisions.

Teel goes a little more in depth in his article, and if I were to go on about the advantages of this idea, I would just be paraphrasing him.

Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 Season Look-Ahead: Thinking 5's

In honor of Cinco de Mayo (May 5...or 5/5), I've come up with 5 quick lists (with 5 items each) of things to look forward to this upcoming college football season.