Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 8 recap - ACC

Since we still have scores trickling in from other conferences, I'm easing back in with just analysis of the ACC.

It hasn't been quite the season anyone predicted, as we see Duke on top of the Coastal Division.  I'm sure this has happened before, but only in September, when Duke was the only ACC team to play a conference game and win.  But this is late October, basically the end of the month for any team with a bye next week.

Duke and Miami control their own destiny.  Even though Miami has one more loss, they have yet to play Duke, and a win would give them the head to head tiebreaker.
Virginia Tech needs to win out and have Duke lose another game.  VT has the head to head tiebreaker.
GT and UVA might still have a chance if everyone else loses, but it's so complicated, we can probably say they're unofficially out.

NC State controls their destiny.
Clemson needs to win out and have FSU lose one more.
FSU and Maryland need to win out and have NC State lose one more.

bowl eligible:  Duke, FSU, Clemson
one win away:  NC State
not eligibile:  UNC
one loss away:  UVA, Boston College

Games to watch that could determine who plays in Charlotte:
-NC State at Clemson, 11/17
-Miami at Duke, 11/24

Update on the Logan Thomas drinking game:
After four weeks of averaging 6 shots, we got 1.5 shots last week, and only 1 shot this week.
We're setting the over/under at 4.25 shots for the Thursday night game against Miami.