Monday, December 7, 2015

Explaining the ACC Bowl Selection Process

In the past, the teams of the ACC were selected for bowl games by a list.  The bowl at the top of the list had first pick, and the bowls went down the list until they ran out of bowls or eligible teams, whichever came first.

Now, there is a system of "tiers", where groups of bowls work together with the conference, and sometimes the individual schools, to place teams in bowls.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tracking the new (and old) VT coaching staff

I'm sort of in uncharted territory here, as Virginia Tech hires a new coach and assembles a new staff.  Fortunately, it will be a mix of old and new, but things are still in flux.  As things change, I'll update this post.

1.) Justin Fuente (head coach)
2.) Bud Foster (defensive coordinator)
3.) Charley Wiles (DL)
4.) Holman Wiggins (WR)
5.) James Shibest (TE/ST)
6.) Vance Vice (OL)
7.) Zohn Burden (RB)
8.) Brad Cornelson (OC/QB)
9.) Galen Scott (LB)
10.) Brian Mitchell (CB)

Foster, Wiles, and Burden are holdovers from the Beamer regime, and Mitchell was formerly at WVU.  The rest of the coaches came from Memphis.

Old staff with new jobs:
-Stacy Searels (Miami OL)
-Shane Beamer (Georgia TE/special teams)
-Scot Loeffler (Boston College offensive coordinator)
-Cornell Brown (Norfolk State co defensive-coordinator)
-Bryan Stinespring (JMU TE/run game)
-Torrian Gray (Florida defense) -- originally announced as part of Fuente's staff, but then took the Florida job
-Frank Beamer (a well earned retirement, with pedicures and milkshakes)