Friday, December 12, 2014

What would the BCS have given us this year?

What if the CFP hadn't come into existence and we were still watching the BCS?  I've gone through and come up with what I feel are the most likely bowl matchups.  I'm basing my rankings off of the AP Poll, which I feel is much closer to what the BCS formula would have determined rather than the CFP poll.  I'm also keeping with the current rule of the Power 5 conferences, thus determining that the American (formerly Big East) would have been bumped out of the AQ this season regardless of the playoff.  This also means that the bowls probably aren't playing hot potato with the conference champ without a guaranteed home.

Monday, December 8, 2014

More Analogies: CFB Edition

After a lengthy, albeit fun, comparison of Florida State to "Star Wars", I thought I'd give a handful of bite-size comparisons of other elements of this college football bowl season.  As with my "Under the Radar" posts throughout the season, I'll present five to you.

Something needs to change for the Big 12

We knew it was going to happen.  When there are 5 power conferences, and only 4 playoff spots, one conference is going to be left out.

This year, it happened to the Big 12.  However, the Big 12 brought it upon themselves.

At the end of the season, they had two teams at 11-1.  Baylor (who lost to WVU), and TCU (who lost to Baylor).

But because the Big 12 only has 10 teams, they do not have a conference championship game.  They claim they have the advantage because all of their teams play each other, since they do play 9 conference games.

Fair enough, but then you need to have the balls to follow your own rules and declare a champion.  Instead, the Big 12 declined to name Baylor the conference champion (since they did beat the other 1 loss team), deciding that such a responsibility belonged to the playoff committee.

Instead, the playoff committee left the Big 12 out of the CFP completely.

At this point, the Big 12 needs to find two more teams to get back to match their own name.  I know that the picking are slim at this point, because there probably aren't two Power 5 worthy teams out there.  But, this is where money wins out.

If I'm doing my math correctly, adding two teams to the conference and keeping a 9 conference game schedule, it would add 9 extra conference games.  Plus, between the two teams, they would have anywhere from 3-6 non-conference home games per year.  So, that's at least 12-15 extra games the Big 12 would have in their TV package.

Plus, the big moneymaker -- the championship game.

Ultimately, they need the championship game to get back on the same level as the other Power 5 conferences.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Playoff: Initial Thoughts

The day that we've been waiting for since September is finally here.  The CFP committee has revealed the four playoff teams:  Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State.  While I (mostly) agree with the teams, I don't agree with the seeding.

First of all, I would have put FSU at #1.  At 13-0, they are the only undefeated team in the FBS.  I don't care about style points, they won.

After that, I think it is a very close margin between the remaining teams.  So, I don't put a lot of stock into the rest of the seeding, because part of it is geography.  Going with that, I would have seeded the teams as follows:  Oregon #2, Ohio State #3, and Alabama #4.

That way, we get Oregon and Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, keeping those bowl organizers happy, because it leaves the Pac-12/Big Ten matchup intact.  Then, we get FSU and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

As it stands, we have Oregon "hosting" Florida State in the Rose Bowl, and Alabama "hosting" Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl.  Not the worst matchups, considering FSU was in Pasadena last year for the National Championship game.

I have reasons to want to root for three of the four teams in the CFP.  Obviously, I'm sick of the Alabama and SEC love fest, so I hope they lose.  Florida State winning will help benefit Virginia Tech, both for conference respect and also conference payout.  The ACC shares their bowl revenue, which might include both rounds of the playoffs.  Meanwhile, the talking heads at ESPN keep saying Ohio State has the "worst" loss of the one-loss teams.  Personally, I feel they have the best loss.  Plus, it would give VT a boost as they are that one loss.

Finally, I would not mind seeing Oregon succeeding.  They, along with schools like Virginia Tech, TCU, and Baylor, are in that second tier of colleges that haven't been traditional powers, but have really developed their programs in the last two decades.  And while some of them (Oregon and VT) have reached national championship games, none have won.

So as long as Alabama loses, I think we're in for a good national championship.

I'll detail my thoughts in another post regarding the two teams on the cusp that were left out, and what it means for their conference.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Games to Watch: Week 15

It's championship week!  The final pieces of the Playoff will fall into place.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Florida State: College Football’s Sith?

In honor of the new “Star Wars” previews, I thought I’d combine one of my favorite movie series with a post about college football.  As you could guess from the title, I thought I’d take a look at the “dark side of the force”.