Wednesday, June 28, 2017

#CFB - 6/28/17

Since it's the offseason, I let some tweets build up before making this post.  A little bit of everything in this round up.

First, it's always fun to see analysts provide opinions outside of their usual sport.  It's also fun when it kind of matches up to yours.

Next, it seems like political controversy is creeping into college athletics on a regular basis.  Now it's the state of California.

So, don't expect to see Cal or UCLA invited to Jerryworld or Houston for an opening week kickoff game.  Better hope they don't qualify for one of those bowls.

It's possible that if this keeps up, you might not see any players at state schools in California come from states like Texas.

Overall, it looks like they aren't being so drastic to affect anything that is already scheduled.  It's possible that this entire situation could end without any affect on a sports schedule, seeing as those are done well in advance, and political minds could change relatively soon.

Next up, some news on the upcoming ACC Network.

And in that same year, a celebration!

A school that is trying very hard to be a big boy, but will probably fall short very quickly.

Sponsorship gets caught up in the rivalry of college.

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